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This page is like Bob's Bargain Barn, or Cabela's Cave. This is our fun page. Shop! Shop! Shop! (My wife's idea of a good time.)

Shown is an insert from a Navajo
Trading Post Pictorial Rug

Here we are discounting items that have been in our inventory too long, items we need to move to freshen our inventory. Discounts will run from 10% to 40%. And just for fun, we'll intersperse some really super prices for super pieces, just to keep you on your toes.

The Navajos have a great sense of humor, expecially when it comes to tricks. One of the Navjo folk ledgends is about Coyote, the trickster. Here we have Jay, the trickster. To get your discount, you will need to order the item shown here with a "J" prefix. Otherwise, it goes for retail. So, were guessing that you'll be on to our tricks, and have fun shopping with Trader Jay at the Canyon Country Trading Post. Shop on!...Shop on!


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Item# P783-Debbie Brown, Acoma.

Debbie Brown Pottery In this olla, Debbie has let her imagination go. She has included several cloud symbols, and features a butterfly among flowers. The pattern is repeated in all quadrants. The idea of sun-moon-stars, clouds is the circular motif, and again repeated in all quadrants.
Size: 6 1/2" high by 6 3/4" diameter.
Price: $675 20% off, new price $540.
You save $135!





Item# P9-Fawn Navasie, Hopi/Tewa.

Fawn Navasie

This wide, low jar traces its style to the Sikyatki revival. Fawn's basic design is the representation of a bird repeated in each quadrant. Over the bird symbol, she has pictured a semi-circle of Sikyatki shards. Fawn is from a distinguished family of potters. Her mother was the late Eunice Navasie, who signed her name as "Fawn," giving this name to her daughter. Her aunt is Joy "Frog Woman" Navasie. Her sister is Dawn Navasie. Fawn is the wife of James Garcia Nampeyo.
Size: 7" high by 15" diameter.
Price: $2,400 40% off, new price $1,440.
You save $960.




Item# P515 -Karen Abeita, Hopi.

Karen Abeita JarKaren Abeita We asked Karen her name for this jar. Her answer was, "Birds, birds, birds, and more birds." She has taken several historic and prehistoric bird representations and woven them into the design. We are showing two views of this exceptional piece of pottery. Click on either one for an enlarged view. Isn't that a good name? Birds, birds and more birds.
Size: 4 3/4" high by 8 1/2" diameter.
Price: $2,500 40% off, new price $1,500.
You save $1,000!




Item# P510 Marcella Yepa, Jemez.

Marcella Yepa This large, swirl, melon bowl was made by Alvina Yepa's cousin, Marcella. As Alvina says, she and Marcella grew up together, practically as sisters. Often, they still work together. Alvina's mother, Felipita, taught both of the girls.
Size: 9 1/4" high by 8" diameter.
Price: $900 25% off, new price $675.
You save $225!







Adrian Poleahla, Red Tail Hawk

Item# K65-Adrian Poleahla, Red Tail Hawk Kachina.
Red Tail Hawk, Palakwayo, is one of the chief Kachinas in Second Mesa ceremonials. He appears on Third Mesa as a warrior and a guard. For a view of the back side of this Kachina, click here.

Figure 8" tall, overall 11" tall.
Price: $1,500 30% off, new price $1,050.
You save $450!







Item # R18 - Navajo Pictorial, woven by Elizabeth Yazzie, Navajo.

Yazzie Night Chant pictorial rug In this weaving, Elizabeth depicts the traditional Night Way Yei-bi-chai chant. An outstanding example of the Yei-bi-chai pictorial, 58 Navajos are shown, plus numerous animals, hogans, etc. The line of dancers are shown in profile, with one leg bent, as if dancing. The Night Way ceremonies occur after the first frost in the fall, and are considered very powerful in bringing about healing. This is a wall-hanger, destined to be someone's conversation piece.
Approximately 34" wide by 62" long.
Price: $4,700 30% off, new price $3,290.
You save $1,410!





Item # R42 - Burntwater, woven by Lena Gorman, Navajo.

Lena Gorman, Burntwater In this warm textile, you can clearly see Lena's elaboration of the two-diamond element of the classic Two Grey Hills design. Using pastels, Lena has subtly woven in the soft vegetal colors of rust, tan, beige, brown, and rose, with aqua and blues. Weavers are beginning to "sign" their textiles, as the potters do. You can see Lena's logo woven into the bottom, left corner of this beautiful textile.
Size: 36" wide by 52" long.
Price: $4,000 20% off, new price $3,200.
You save $800!






Item# P507 -Martha Appleleaf Fender, San Ildefonso.

Martha is the daughter of famous San Ildefonso potter, Carmelita Dunlap. She is on of the few San Ildefonso potters to maintain the classic style of the pueblo. Her mentor was her mother, Carmelita. She also received early training from her aunts, Maria Martinez and Disideria Montoya. Carlos Dunlap was her brother and the two often worked together. This cream on red jar is in the tradition she learned from her uncle, Albert Vigil.
Size: 8" high by 9 1/2" diameter.
Price: $1,950 25% off, new price $1,462.50.
You save $487.50!








Item# P765 -Dora Tse-Pé, San Ildefonso.

In this beautiful jar, Dora has fired it in an oxygen rich atmosphere, which makes the ceramic red. She has used a micaceous slip on the jar, itself. A bear symbol is featured in the center. All of this is surrounded by fine shell hishi, and turquoise and coral beads, inlaid in the margin of the black circle. The lid is another form of the bear symbol. In Pueblo tradition, the bear was sent to lead the Pueblo People to the Rio Grande Valley and it abundant agricultural productivity.
Size: overall 3 7/8" high by 4" diameter.
Price: $2,500, 30% off, new price $1,750.
You save $750!










Item# P552 -Anita Suazo, Santa Clara.

Anita Suazo Anita Suazo This is a new design approach by Anita. She is carving stylized animals on this jar. One side, a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep; and one side a stylized Mule Deer Buck. Around the top, she has carved the Pueblo spiral symbol for place. More and more of the Pueblo potters are using innovative carving, departing from the traditional. Here, Anita joins this trend.
Size: 8" high by 5 3/4" diameter.
Price: $2,800, 30% off, new price 1960.
You save $840.

Trading Post weaving, a weaver's view of a trading post.

Trading Post Pictorial
Once in a while, a Navajo weaver will design and make a Trading Post Pictorial. It gives the viewer an idea of how the Navajo people look at the trader. See how many items and people you can identify in this image. Again, you can see some of the Navajo humor coming out, note the ice cream bar. This textile is by Jane Hyden, you may see her initials in the right-hand corner of the piece.

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